If Your Boyfriend Does These 20 Things, It’s a Forever Thing

Marry the man ASAP.

16. He makes sacrifices for you.

Your boyfriend’s selflessness shows a lot about whether or not he wants this for the long-run. I’m not talking crazy life sacrifices, but those are important too. I’m talking about letting you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians every Sunday because he knows how obsessed you are even though you pretend to hate them. Even little sacrifices mean a lot, guys.

17. His family loves you.

A lot of guys don’t want to tell their families about a girl until he knows that it’s serious- it makes it easy when you break up. If your BF’s family knows about you it means he’s serious about your relationship. If they love you, it’s even better. They’ve opened up to you because they know that you two are going to last a while.

18. He does whatever he can to make you happy.

This isn’t something that your boyfriend is obligated to do, by any means, but it’s something that he wants to do because your happiness means a lot to him.

19. He really considers your feelings.

A fling wouldn’t care whether or not you wanted to have a night in with him instead of him going out because you had a really bad day. A fling wouldn’t realize that they made you upset over something because they know that your relationship is temporary. Your forever boyfriend is the complete opposite of that. They’re sensitive to your emotions and they show it.

20. He remembers the little details about you.

A forever boyfriend knows when you’re having a bad day because of the way that your eyebrows are constantly furrowed. He knows that you dance when you eat really really good food. He knows all of the little quirks you have and he loves all of it because he wants you to know that he’s a forever thing.