10 Easy Ways To Get Into Yoga Without Completely Killing Yourself

So here you are sitting in front of your screen reading this because you obviously must be a new Yogi – like myself – and want to know more about it just like I do. So let’s just get straight to the point and say “Why did we not start doing Yoga sooner?”

Well first off, most likely it’s just because we are so busy we don’t have the time for it or we just thought we wouldn’t be into it as much as we thought we would but nope. Here we are, the newbies to this wonderful and calming workout. Now we want to know everything about it and buy every yoga product out there – so here are some easy ways to become a Yogi without absolutely killing yourself trying.

1. Choose the right yoga mat.

This might sound silly but you need to pick the right mat. Pick one that won’t slide around easily when you are using it. We don’t need you slipping and falling and injuring yourself. Other things you might want to buy include Yoga Straps and Yoga Blocks.

2. Practice first thing in the morning.

By practicing yoga first thing in the morning, it allows you to start your day off right without distractions. Many yogi’s practice yoga in the morning when the mind is clear and the world is quiet. If morning isn’t your thing though, there is always the rest of the day too.

3. Don’t expect to be a pro right away.

I wish we could say we could just do a yoga pose and do it right the first time but it all takes time and practice. Start off slow and do only what you can. Over time you will get better.

4. Keep a practice journal.

Keeping a journal helps you record your thoughts and insights about your practice. You can also use this journal for marking down poses you enjoy doing and ones you want to learn or improve on. Write down terms you might want to learn and understand more.

5. Find a good yoga teacher.

Finding a qualified teacher is a lot easier when learning about yoga, obviously since they know a bit more than you do and you will gain a lot more knowledge and experience from them. Having a teacher nearby will be able to help you improve your poses by being able to watch you do them and help if you are doing it incorrectly.