5 Easy Workout Programs That Actually Work, No Bullsh*t

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to reflect on the goals we set early on in 2017. Most of us probably set out to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but because life is so hectic it’s perfectly normal to stray from a workout routine or diet every once in a while. With that being said, it might be time to find a routine that is realistic and promotes consistency because consistency is what leads to results.

After sifting through the Internet (and Instagram), we’ve rounded up five fitness routines that have worked for thousands of men and women from all over. What makes these routines so unique is the way they’ve cultivated inspirational and supportive communities online that helps motivate all who participate. Think of them as all having their own personal support group. All of these fitness programs come with workout routines, nutritional/diet guides and online communities to help you through it. You can also do these from home!

1. Bikini Body Guide:

The bikini body guide, otherwise known as bbg, is a phenomenon that swept the world of fitness a couple of years ago and its following only continues to grow. This fitness routine was created by Australian Kayla Itsines and her now-husband. Kayla herself has graced the covers of several fitness and health magazines and she’s constantly sharing inspiring words, recipes and workouts on her social media profiles.Don’t let the equipment-free exercises fool you. There’s a reason there are so many inspiring and successful transformation photos online–the program works.

The guide requires six workouts a week, with three of the days consisting of cardio and it’s designed to be 12 weeks long. The workouts are formatted to be 28 minutes long (excluding warming up, cardio and your cooldown). In addition, you get a nutritional guide.

You can purchase guides here.

What you get with the week 1-12 guide:

  • a nutritional guide (vegetarian options also available for same price)
  • full 12 week workout guide

There are other bundles available on the site as well!

You can also download the app she’s developed for those who want to have workouts at the tip of their fingers. In addition, she even released a book.

2. Fit Body Guide:

The Fit Body Guide (FBG) was created by Anna Victoria. She started her fitness journey almost 7 years ago after her eating habits landed her in the hospital. She wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle, and after gaining a large following on Instagram she decided to create a routine that was geared towards strength training. It might seem like the workouts between FBG and BBG are quite similar, but BBG is geared more toward cardio. The FBG plan also requires more reps and incorporates weights as well. Unlike the BBG workout guide, FBG isn’t timed. You take as long as you need to complete the necessary rounds for your workout of the day.

Anna Victoria is incredibly honest about her transformations, her struggles with junk food cravings and the days she just doesn’t want to workout.

She offers several different bundles available here.

What you can expect:

  • 12 Week Original Meal Plan Guide
  • 12 Week Training Guide
  • Weekly Grocery Lists
  • Portion Customization Guide
  • Recipe Guide
  • Online FBG Community Support
  • Best Foods For Fat Loss
  • Workouts Can Be Done Anywhere
  • 30 Minute Strength Workouts

So grab a friend and get going like these FBG girls!