5 Tips On How To Get Your Butt Moving For An Amazing Morning Workout

Let’s face it – not everyone is a morning person. I have my days where I wake up and am ready to tackle the day, and then, I’m not – depending on my mood and how much sleep I got. Most of us, well let me re-phrase that, all of us would much rather sleep in than wake up early to exercise. But, if you think about it, getting your body up and moving around first thing in the morning can be beneficial to your health and of course, it’s a great way to start your day. Trust me – I do it every day.

While not everyone is motivated enough to get up earlier than they have to and on top of it, do any physical activity – working out in the morning can be really good for you and a great way to wake yourself up and feel great throughout your day. But, if you’re struggling to do so, these five tips will help you get your jumpstart.

1. Lay out your workout clothes the night before:

Laying out your clothes the night before will allow you to wake up knowing you have to put those on and don’t have to waste time figuring out what you’re wearing. Throw on whatever it is and get your a** moving. It will push and motivate you to wake up and workout.

2. Eat something small:

By eating something, this will get your metabolism up and running – even if you have no appetite to eat first thing in the morning. It will give you fuel your body needs and it will give you a longer, better workout overall.

3. Have a workout buddy:

Working out with a buddy makes exercising a lot better. Having a workout buddy will help keep you motivated and not go at it alone. Plus, if someone is relying on you to go somewhere, you’ll feel guilty if you don’t go.

4. Start Off Slow:

With that being said, don’t force yourself to wake up five days in a row to exercise. Start off by a few days a week and gradually work your way up. Don’t go super hard the first few times, either, because the soreness and discomfort will completely turn you off.

5. Create a playlist of your favorite music:

Having your favorite music to listen to while exercising will motivate you to keep going. The more songs you have, the longer you will work out. Pick upbeat music too if you can. It makes your workout that much better because most likely it might make you wanna dance!