13 Tops That’ll Make Working Out With Big Boobs Much More Comfortable

Going to the gym is a chore within itself. When you first start getting into a regular work-out schedule, you start to stock up on workout clothing because if you look the party, you’ll most likely begin to feel the part – at least that was true for me.

I’m a pretty slim girl, but, I am extremely top-heavy to say the least. Shopping for anything that involves my upper body means that I have to try on and try on and try on thousands of tops before finding maybe 5 or 6 that work for me. And, forget bras and bathing suits – it’ll be 2020 before I find a brand that is universally fitting and cute at the same time.

While finding a sports bra (or bras, I rock 2 every time I work out) can be hard – finding tops that equally hold you in while working out is just as important. Sports bras are there to hold your girls in, but, finding the right workout top can also add to the support and comfort – so you don’t feel self conscious while getting your sweat on.

The last thing I need at the gym is a guy looking at my chest while I’m running on the treadmill. Or, accidentally having a mishap while I’m lifting a bicep curl bar. Anyway – the point is – you want to get yourself some good, secure and breathable tops when you sweat out your McDonald’s burger and milkshake.

1. “Find Your Wild” Ombre Tank:


Gym clothes can sometimes be bland and boring – but if you want to spice it up, this tank is perfect for big-busted girls like us. It’s high cut so you don’t have to worry about slipping out and it’s also pretty cute to spice up the gym wardrobe. Get it here from Forever 21.

2. icyZone Yoga Top With Built-In Bra:

When your regular sports bras are in the wash after your week-long spin class schedule, it’s dope to have a shirt with a built-in bra already. You’ll probably want to grab a large or XL to hold your chest in, and you can even double up bras with this shirt (like me). Get it from Amazon here.

3. Move Sleeveless Hoodie:

Some days, you feel bloated and gross (like on your period week), but still want to hit the gym and look hella slim. Throwing on a hoodie is easy, but once you get your cardio on – you’re sweating like a hyena in the desert. So, grab yourself a sleeveless hoodie and hide your period pouch, while keeping your XL chest hidden away – a great bargain from Forever 21.

4. Nike Pro Cool Cropped:

Most of Nike’s work out tops are great when you’re hitting the cardio days because they’re basically great at making you feel less sweaty – you know? This one can show off the abs you’ve been working on and keeps your chest locked in pretty tight. Get it from Nike here.

5. Open Back T-Shirt:

Grab this open back t-shirt for the days you go on a run with the girls outdoors. The open back keeps you cool and lets that breeze right in – plus, the front is high-neck which means you’re fully covered up and, you can wear whatever color sports bra you have clean. Get it here.

6. Adidas Cropped White Shirt:

Stay being the trendsetter at the gym and rock yourself a name brand – like Adidas. Perfect to wear for a spin class or maybe a night yoga session – plus, it covers all the goods. Get it here.

7. Gymshark Blue Tank:

Gymshark makes incredible workout clothes that last a really long time. I’ve sweat my way through a bunch of their tops and leggings and they’re still good as new. This color will bring out your summer tan and give you some breathing room on the sides. Rock it with your cutest sports bra and grab it in multiple colors here.

8. Mesh Long Sleeve Top:

Perfect for when you spot that hot weight lifter and you’re trying to get yourself noticed, this top lets you show off those back muscles you’ve been working on, a fun sports bra and still lets you get your girls secured in the front while getting fit. Get it on Amazon here.

9. Black Long Sleeve For Those Cold Mornings:

When you’re walking to the gym or walking from your car to the gym, you’re not trying to a) lug in your down jacket or b) freeze to death in the winter. Grab this slimming and cute long sleeve top with thumb holes (YES THUMB HOLES) that still allow you to grip your weights and pump it from Amazon.

10. Front-tie Yoga Top:

Great for a quick yoga class – this white front tie top is adorable and versatile. Throw it on for a yoga session and then grab a smoothie with your girlfriend afterwards – without looking like a hot mess. Get it here.

11. Leg Day Tank:

Don’t miss out on leg day or – bragging about how much you’ve been working on your Nicki Minaj booty by rocking this “Shut up and squat” tank. The best part is that the cut will cover your sports bra and your chest, so you don’t need to worry about guys looking at your front and back side while focusing on your squats. Get it here from Amazon.

12. White Mesh Tank:

This white mesh tank is not only breathable but high cut and it’s also a racerback – perfect to go with any sports bra. Spice it up by wearing something bright and fun, adding a pop of color to your workout day. Get it from Forever21.

13. Mesh Paneled Hoodie:

This mesh paneled hoodie is good for a morning/afternoon run or even a quick cardio gym session. It’s easy to throw on over any sports bra and covers you up, plus, having the thumb panels (my personal fave) gives you a nice grip if you squeeze in some lifting. Get it here.