25 Women On How They Let Their Oblivious Partners Know They Want To Bone

When you’re horny and looking to score, it’s sometimes easy to let your partner know. But, other times, it’s not so easy. You could have kids and not be able to outright say – “hey honey, lets bone.” Or, you can be in public and just want to join the mile-high club via wherever you are – but, can’t say it out loud. Whatever the reason is – some of us have to get pretty creative in the ways we let our partners know – the time has come. And, who better to get creative than us ladies – amiright? Just AskReddit.

1. snippybitch:

You can’t be subtle, either you mount him or he has no clue.

2. Estebonus:

My wife like to seductively Block out 30 minutes on her dayplanner a week in advance. It’s hot.

3. jallesandro:

I stand next to him while he is on the computer game and shout SEX!

4. -DarkRecess- :

It started off as a joke about me being as romantic as a brick to the head (we were talking about how being British, we don’t have a romantic stereotype) but now I say it every time just to hear him giggle:

“Get on your back, you’re getting it!”

Works every time.

5. figgypie:

We have a tone of voice we use when we’re propositioning. We always ask “so… how you doing?” or “hey”. Followed by wiggling eyebrows. Then my husband usually jumps me.