25 Guys Share The “Worst Thing They’ve Ever Heard In Bed”

Sex can be a romantic, beautiful and magical experience for some people. For others, it can be absolutely embarrassing and cringe-worthy. While we don’t have to be in love with someone to have sex with them, it’s kind of important to respect them – don’t ya think? Some people may do the wrong things and then, some people may say the wrong things. There’s nothing worse than letting the wrong thing slip out of your mouth while you’re actually inside someone. But, it’s not always the guys who are making the “whoopsies.” In fact, some women have said some pretty awful sh*t to dudes while they’re in bed with them. The guys of Reddit shared their stories and…ouch.

1. Burning_Monkey:

“Fuck me harder, Jeff”

My name isn’t Jeff. Jeff was the asshat that lived next door to me that would pretty savagely beat me and no one would do shit about it. Cause Jeff’s home life pretty much blew ass. So that gave Jeff free reign to literally break my bones and other shit.

As well as poison my first real experience.

2. rapiertwit:

Worst thing: she just started crying quietly afterwards. Catholic shame is serious business.

3. TheSevenDweller:

Worst thing I’ve heard: A woman referring to my “peepee”. Right in the middle of what was otherwise a great fuck. Turned me right off.

Peepee… who calls it that that’s out of diapers?

4. emotheatrix:

I don’t want to hear “is it in yet”

5. lost_n_space:

“That’s it?”

Literally worst first time in history. She wasn’t a virgin I was and lasted about 15 seconds…give or take 12 seconds.