25 Guys Share The “Worst Thing They’ve Ever Heard In Bed”

11. wtf81:

When I was just learning about sex I was going down on a girl and after about three minutes she looked at me with a pokerface and said ‘what are you doing down there’

12. aka_liam:

“Hey… hey… wake up… hey… wake up…

…there’s someone in the house.”

13. yummypeeparty:

“I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.”

14. dysfunctional_vet:

“Im so glad I skipped my birth control. Now we can be together forever and ever.”

“Oh how cute, you have an innie.”

“So, is now a bad time to mention the herpes and hep?”

15. darth_vaders_bung:

Worst I heard was “wow, you can’t tickle me, darth_vaders_bung? Even my mom can tickle me. That’s okay, you can do things for me my mom can’t”

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