25 Guys Share The “Worst Thing They’ve Ever Heard In Bed”

16. benicebitch:

“You taste like my dad”

17. Fuckoff555:

worst thing:” how cute”. yes, i’m not hard yet and i’m a grower but that’s not something i want to hear about my dick.

18. B3NGINA:

I was told after sex one time that she had to get home to her husband and kids. I felt like a complete piece of shit and was expecting a big mountain man with a shotgun to show up at any time for months. I still feel bad. Cheating is no fucking bueno to me. But jesus I guess asking if they’re married when they’re ready to go isn’t on my interview question list.

19. dmaess:

“Did you put the trash outside?”

20. bPhrea:

When the rhythm of “Don’t stop”, turns into “Stop, don’t”…

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