Girls Reveal The ‘Sneaky’ Things Guys Do That They Always Notice

It’s hilarious how unsubtle men can really be. They clearly think that we, as women, the most intelligent gender out of the bunch, happen to not notice their mindless and incoherent advances but in reality we just do and not because they don’t try hard enough to hide them trust me they do, but because they don’t know how to properly hide them without us noticing. Although, when you really think about it, there really is no reason to. Most of the time, it’s just the nature of the action that yearns to be noticed. I mean, how can one not notice a guy immediately break his neck for you as soon as you turn away? Every lady in this reddit thread has a thing or two to say about this particular subject and it’s quite relatable.

Thanks but no thanks:

The hug that’s actually just an excuse to have my boobs up against you was big when I was younger.
Now it’s the “subtle” glances at my cleavage.

Yes, be more awkward, I dare you:

Flirting. “So, uh, um, w-what are you, ahem, d-doing here?”

Because we can totally see that:

When they try to hide their raging hard-ons.

This is just gross:

Trying to discreetly pick their noses. The exception was this one weirdo at the bus stop who made no effort to hide it, he was up to his wrist in his nostril, but he didn’t stop there, he actually then proceeded to consume the contents of said nostril. All while staring me straight in the face. So nasty.

But, WHY:

The ole scratch ‘n’ sniff.