Girls Reveal The ‘Sneaky’ Things Guys Do That They Always Notice

Mister not so smooth:

Engaged to be married, have been together almost two years, and he STILL can’t look at my butt without me noticing.


not really “sneaky” but whenever i ask my bf a question, if he replies with “what” before answering, i know his answer will be disappointing lol.

“did you remember to pick up xyz?” “what?” “so, that’s a no…”

Don’t think you’re slick:

Asking seemingly innocuous questions about our boyfriends to see if we even have boyfriends.

Example; I’m learning Spanish. Every guy at work; “oh does your boyfriend speak Spanish?”

Literally just ask me if I’m in a relationship, you doofuses.


“Accidentally” brushing a finger across the butthole. Am married now, but I can remember a few guys who thought they were pretty sneaky.

That’s just dumb:

Faking interest in something you’re interested in, and hoping that sex will fall out if they agree with you enough.