People Reveal The Hottest NSFW Thing Anyone Ever Said To Them

To each his or her own. Everyone has their turn-ons and fetishes, and for some people, it’s a memory of a previous sexually-charged encounter that gets them going. There are some moments, or things said that are so hot and nasty and we remember them forever and still get almost as turned on as when we heard them the first time. Some people got a thread going at AskReddit to tell the stories of the sexiest thing they ever heard, up close and personal. (And yeah, this is probably NSFW.)


She-Come up for coffee

Me-I don’t drink coffee

She-I don’t have any


As I was banging a very hot girl from behind – she was flat on the bed – she says, “Let me get up on my knees, so I can touch myself.”


“I can’t believe you thought we were only going to have sex once today!”