Apparently, You Should Never Do These 30 Things During Intercourse

Having sex with someone is an intimate occasion. Whether it’s a one night stand, a casual fling or two people in love getting down – it’s important that people are open and clear with their likes/dislikes/comfort zones. That way, everyone can be sure they are not crossing any lines or doing things that will hurt, harm or disrespect the other person involved.


Lying about birth control.
Lying about your age if you are a minor.
Not telling me about any possible STI you may have.

2. NWBoomer

First hand experience; doing it on the beach. There is no way sand isn’t gonna… it just isn’t.

3. ezaspie03

Believing someone you don’t really know or trust when they say, “I can’t get pregnant.”


The belly button may look like a good entry point.


5. anokayapple

“oh yeah you like that?”

“uh huh”

“I’m gonna fuck you”

“Okily dokily”