Apparently, You Should Never Do These 30 Things During Intercourse

26. bgalbreaith

Yelling worldstar as you orgasm

27. DaughterEarth

Totally personal this one, and I know some people are in to it. But if you want to make me stop immediately and never be attracted to you again, call me Mommy or ask me to call you Daddy.

28. Green_Bay_Fappers

Making animal noises. I meowed once just for the fuck of it and yeah jist dont no no

29. Fjorden

Calling the girl you are having sex with a “fucking retard”

30. CinnamonBunBun

Don’t insult anyone’s genitals during sex. Women don’t need to hear that their unshaved vulva is ugly and men don’t need to hear that their uncut penis is a turn off.