10 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing

Let me start off by saying that not all guys are complete a**holes. Some of them are, yes, but there are some diamonds in the rough. Although this is the case, there are a bunch of men out there who do some pretty sh*tty things and see no problem in their behavior. Yes, I’m talking about those guys that everyone knows as the “douchelord” of their friend group – the one that people immediately stray away from when it comes to “setting them up with a friend.” Basically, guys, if you’re this guy – you gotta cut the sh*t and change your behavior STAT – or, prepare yourselves for a life full of loneliness.

1. Sending unsolicited d*ck pics:

Sending nudes has become so normal in society today, that when people receive them it’s not as controversial as it would be in say – the 1950’s. Naked bodies are embraced now, more than ever, and people are becoming more comfortable in their own skin.

However –

This does not mean that everyone wants to or needs to see your naked body. Guys, so often, think the best way to land a girl is to send a picture of their junk when – in reality – said girl does not have any desire to see your junk. What is that going to do for her? Is it going to pop out of her phone screen and take her to pleasure town? I think not.

If a girl does not ask you for a d*ck pic, do not send her one – case closed.

2. Calling random girls baby, honey or sweetheart:

When you don’t know a girl, you shouldn’t be giving her pet-names. It comes off as disrespectful and, kind of pretentious. You should call a woman by her name, before you get to know her. It comes off as if you have a pretty huge ego and not enough time to remember her name in the first place.

Stop pretending your sh*t doesn’t stink.

3. Using sexist jokes and thinking they’re funny:

If I have to hear one more man ask me why I am not in the kitchen, I will take a hot frying pan to their head. It’s 2017, it is not 1957. I do not belong in the kitchen, I belong in the office as a CEO. I do not have to make you a sandwich, you have two perfectly functioning hands that can slather on your own mayo. I do not need to have a hot meal cooked for you every single day the minute you get home from work, you can cook me a meal, too.

4. Body shaming women:

There’s no such thing as one, normal female body type. Women come in all different shapes and sizes. Judging a woman off of her looks makes you seem as though you’re superficial and not very deep – or intelligent. Just because a woman is thick, doesn’t mean she’s not a catch. Just because a woman is super thin, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a wild appetite for life. Stop judging women based off of what you see and figure out who they are before you say a word.

And, stop f*cking cat-calling us.

5. Assuming that all girls are crazy:

News flash: not all women are crazy. Not all women have trust issues, daddy issues or ex-relationship issues. Not all women are going to give you sh*t for wanting to go out with your boys on a Friday night or get angry that you have a password on your phone. Not all women are going to stalk your ex-girlfriend’s social media accounts and find dirt on her.

Realize that when you have a good girl, you don’t need to lie to her to “make sure she doesn’t blow up,” because some girls will not blow up. Be up front with her before you start hiding things and assuming sh*ts going to hit the fan.

6. Talking sh*t about your ex’s:

We’re not stupid, we know you’ve dated people before us. Just because things didn’t work out, doesn’t mean you have to be putting them down because you’re no longer together. Sure, nothing lasts forever (thank God) but, they’re still humans and don’t deserve for you to completely bad-mouth them to us, trying to show that you’re over them.

If you’re not over them – don’t start dating. And, if you are over them, you don’t need to keep trying to prove it.

7. Thinking all feminists are man-haters:

Feminism is nothing new – feminism has been around for decades now. Like with any movement, there are different levels of support and different types of supporters. For some reason, today, feminism has gotten a very serious misjudgment. Men have come to believe that all feminists are “man-haters,” which, is not the case.

I, myself, identify as a feminist – but, one who believes in equality amongst the genders. I am not, someone, who hates men and thinks they are all horrible (i.e.: see first sentence of this article) and deserve to make less money than us, etc, etc.

8. Pressuring women into sex, relationships, marriage:

Some women are ready for moving forward in dating and some women aren’t. Just because someone you like is not on the same page as you, doesn’t mean it’s become mission impossible for you to solve. If a woman says she is uninterested, this doesn’t mean you should start playing cat and mouse, chasing her and pressuring her into commitment before she is ready.

Learn to take no for an answer.

9. Lying about your intentions:

Isn’t it the worst when a guy says they’ll call but doesn’t? Or, when you run into someone you have a crush on and they say “lets get together,” but never hit you up to make plans? It’s really about time that guys stop lying about their intentions, or just be up front about what they really want/how they really feel.

We’re big girls, we know how to handle rejection. We’ll simply eat a pint of ice cream, watch some sappy reality TV and by the morning – we’ll be fine.

10. Forgetting what consent is:

If a woman does not give you permission to touch her, or, knows you well enough to touch her – don’t touch her, especially if you don’t know her. When a guy goes up to a girl in the club and grabs her without her content, it’s borderline sexual assault. Now, don’t go saying I’m a “man-hating feminist” for saying that, because it’s just basic facts.

Yes means yes, no means no and no answer means no.