9 Daughters Share The Best Dating Advice They’ve Ever Gotten From Their Moms

As daughters, we have been denying for years that our mamas are always right. She was right when she said “You’re not taking care of herself,” and when she said “You are not walking out of the house looking like that;” and when it comes to love, she is right about that too. Moms do give the best advice. We really should be utilizing their advice more. They literally have already been through it all; the liars, the cheaters, the scrubs!

Here is the best advice we have received from our Moms, that aren’t totally outdated.

1. Jennifer, 19:

Love yourself first then (he) will love you for you too.

This seems so simple but for some reason, we all tend to forget this. Like J. Cole says, “Love yourself girl, or nobody will,” our Moms agree. It is important to fully love who you are before allowing someone else to love you.

2. Anna, 20:

Never lose yourself looking for him or trying to impress him because you are great. There is no one else like you.

Similar to the advice above, you should not have to compromise yourself for anyone. In today’s dating society it is so easy to get lost in who he is and try to become someone he wants. You have to remember to stay true to you.

3. Samantha, 21:

Don’t let yourself lose control.

This one has to be my favorite. Stay in control GF! You have more power than you know. Yes, a relationship is a two-way street but you should never feel helpless or like you have no control over yourself in a relationship.

4. Maria, 19:

Love will always be worth the risk.

Another one of my favorites. Finding love can be so difficult and sometimes honestly it does not seem worth it. Crying over someone that pays no mind to you, no thank you! However, at the end of the day, the risk and tears could really all be worth it.

5. Sarah, 20:

If he truly cares, you’ll never find yourself questioning if he does.

If I had a dollar for every time I had to question if a guy really cared about me, I would have enough to pay off my college tuition. I should not be trying to pay off my college tuition questioning if a guy cares and neither do you. If those dollar bills were to be flowing, he definitely doesn’t care. You will just know when he does.