9 Daughters Share The Best Dating Advice They’ve Ever Gotten From Their Moms

6. Emma, 21:

He should be your best friend, not your boss…or your “daddy.”

First of all, it is 2017, we need to stop calling our men “daddy.” He did not give birth to you, he is not your dad; this needs to end. Along with this, he should not be your boss either. A great relationship is one where you have a blast together all the time. Your best friend should be your boyfriend.

7. Jennie, 19:

Appreciate when he is sensitive and shows emotion.

This is a good one. At first, it can be totally weird when your boyfriend shows emotion. It like where did the tough guy asshole go? Should you file a missing person report? No. What you should do is embrace this. A huge sign of maturity in a relationship is being comfortable showing your emotions, and trust me guys and maturity do not move at lightning speed.

8. Kayla, 21:

Order the damn burger, he is going to judge you harder if you just order a salad.

Don’t be that girl that just orders the salad. You have been eating all of your life in front of your mom, you can eat in front of your boyfriend too! He is going to judge you so much harder if you order just the salad, trust Mama!

9. Alexis, 20:

When he is the one for you, you’ll just know.

The butterflies will flap around in your belly, along with that salad you just ordered at dinner because god forbid you order a burger on the first date! (See advice above again). There will be a spark every time you kiss, and it will never fade.