These 20 Pieces of Life Advice About Your 20’s Are Super F*cking Important

Growing up isn’t easy. As you get older, things get more and more messy and confusing. You often times find yourself wondering what’s the right move, what you should/shouldn’t do and how to make the most of your youth while you have the time. The truth is, you never really know if you’re doing the right thing or making the most of your life until you’re old enough to look back on it all. That’s why these 20 people shared the things you have to do in your 20’s to ensure you don’t experience regret in your 30’s and 40’s.

1. ZuluCharlieRider:

If you marry, marry someone because they are your best friend, you share a common philosophy on life, have common values, and want common goals in your future. Don’t marry someone, primarily, because their ass looks good in jeans.

2. Galactickiwi:

Save money. Exercise sometimes. Don’t eat complete shit.

3. urchigold:

I’d say follow through with any interest you have. There were a bunch of hobbies/habits I wanted to get into, but at the first obstacle or challenge, I’d just go “eh whatever” and give up.

4. Jessibeeb:

Quit smoking.

5. gigibuffoon:

Choose a partner with whom you connect on an emotional level and share similar interests and most importantly have similar financial and personal goals.

6. consuellabanana:

Don’t be afraid of missing out.

Your friends will get married, buy homes, have kids, get promoted, travel the world, and you might feel like you are staying still. Don’t feel the pressure. Live your life at your own pace. Make and tell your own stories.

7. foxsable:

Brush and Floss.

8. pina_koala:

Wear sunscreen. Your skin will stay good. It doesn’t magically rebound on its own.

9. Baby_Powder:

Enjoy your body. Build your brain. Create friendships with trustworthy people. Do the things that you are afraid of. Make amends with people you wronged and forgive the ones that wronged you. Show love to your family. Pass on what you’ve learned to the next generation. And, no capes.

10. carefree41:

Be careful who you fuck. Even when you’re fucking yourself.

11. gammalantern:

Avoid debt. When you start planning in your 30s for houses and marriage and children, having debt that you generated in your 20s in order to buy that sweet 60 inch flat screen for your shitty one-bed apartment… you end up hating the 20-something version of you for being that kind of stupid. If you can’t afford to own something in your 20s you pay for it in your 30s and 40s.

12. Mytoothisbroken:

Invest in and create a habit of a daily skin care routine specially if you are out in the sun most of the time.

13. Lin0712:

Take more pictures. Sounds stupid but that is one of my biggest regrets is not documenting my life more.

14. Kovandy5:

Work on yourself. Invest in you. Learn, study, improve.

15. Rawc90:

Be careful who gets your time and attention. You give it to the wrong people and before you know it you’ve got no close fiends left. Also, I know today’s attitude is free love, and sleep with who you want but in my experience so many people are single because of the terrible relationship they have with love and sex after being heart broken, or feeling used by others. That intimate side of you should be saved for the right people, not saying don’t have fun but just be careful!

16. archaicmotion:

Ear protection at concerts.

17. SubatomicGoblin;

Stay away from hard drugs. I get the whole “life experience” thing, but it’s just not worth it.

18. Sunsetatcapeagulhas:

Leave the toxic friends and lovers behind.

19. bob_ross_happy_tree:

Say yes to people, things, and experiences. Put yourself out there.

20. xebert_kela:

the one thing i regret about my 20’s is i should have lived more, instead of concentrating on working and doing “what i should have been doing”