25 Things Men Say Women Will ‘Never, Ever Understand’

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, there is always a fine line between what everyone understands about the opposite gender. There are tons of things us women go through everyday that men will just never get. While women are constantly reminding men that they will never “understand period pains, labor pains and how long it takes us to get fully ready,” there are tons of things that men believe women will never understand about them.

We asked 25 guys to describe one feeling, event or occurrence they go through on a regular basis that they believe girls just will never fully understand.

1. Eric:

“Blue balls. They hurt. They really f*cking hurt.” 

2. David:

“Choosing the right urinal in the bathroom. It matters.”

3. George:

“Building up the right amount of confidence and figuring out what to say to a girl when approaching her while she’s out with a group of friends. It’s a lot of pressure.”

4. Steven:

“Peeing with a boner. It’s more complicated than any girl can ever possibly imagine. It’s harder than archery (no pun intended).” 

5. John:

“Going bald at a young age. You have to decide whether to accept it and just shave your whole head or try to fix it with some weird products that can make you really sick. Complicated.”

6. Harris:

“The feeling of your balls clicking together like a pendulum swing when you walk. They don’t make bras for balls.”

7. Keven:

“Chaffing during the summer. I know girls chafe too, but when you have balls – it’s a whole new level of discomfort.”

8. Greg:

“Being punched or kicked in the balls. No pain quite like it.”

9. Robert:

“Why we play video games. Why we love them. Our hobbies.”

10. Frankie:

“We always have to be the big spoon. It’s weird for us to be the little spoon, takes away from our masculinity.”

11. Karim:

“Waking up with morning wood at the wrong place and time. Or, getting a boner at the wrong place or time. Try un-living that embarrassment.”

12. Jackson:

“Rejection. Girls always think that guys don’t have feelings or we’re unemotional, always thinking with our junk. But, when a girl rejects us, it hurts just the same as when a guy rejects them.”

13. Nicholas:

“You can approach us too. There’s nothing wrong with a girl approaching a guy. Whoever made this rule where the guy has to make the first move – I think it’s awesome when a girl does.”

14. Luis:

“Peeing after sex is important for a guy, too. But, sometimes when you pee right after sex, the pee-hole gets stuck together and then there is a rogue second pee stream that almost always gets on the wall or like all over the roll of toilet paper.”

15. Mark:

“Working out at the gym and having guys judge your form and rep count. It’s something girls just will never fully grasp.”

16. Dominick:

“Rolling over in bed with a hard on. I call it a kickstand.”

17. Adam:

“There’s a lot of pressure being a man. You’re expected to have it all figured out and have a wife and kids before you’re 30. Maybe we don’t want to be a typical “family man.” But, if we’re not, we’re a savage.”

18. Jonathan:

“We’re very limited in our work clothing selection. Girls have hundreds of ideas to choose from when it comes to work. Guys get suits and shirts that all look identical.”

19. William:

“Guys can get sexually harassed, too. Guys can also be the victim of rape. Just because we’re supposed to be dominant doesn’t mean we don’t fall victim to women’s or other men’s aggression.”

20. Ari:

“Some things you call us in bed can be disrespectful to a man.”

21. Brian:

“We’re always made out to be super aggressive. Like, if I’m walking down the street in a hoodie after the gym by myself and a girl is by herself, you can tell she gets uncomfortable and walks slightly away – just because I’m a male in a hoodie. Doesn’t matter if I’m a good guy or an a**hole.”

22. Vincent:

“Sometimes when guys are sitting down and they try to adjust their position they wind up sitting on one of their balls and it’s probably the worst thing on the planet.”

23. Conrad:

“Peeling your d*ck off of your leg when it’s stuck together in the heat.”

24. Hank:

“Girls think body shaming only happens to girls. They think guys are the only ones who can brutally hurt a woman by judging her body. But, girls do it twice as bad. If I’m not ripped, I have a dad-bod.”

25. Peter:

“For me and most of the guys I know taking a big sh*t. For most of us it’s an accomplishment and something to be proud of almost like an achievement. Instead of you girls telling us it’s gross, just embrace it, I guess it’s just a guy thing.”