Men Using Snapchat’s New Filter Are Realizing How Much It Sucks Being A Woman On Tinder

Men are often blissfully unaware of the hordes of trash that women must wade through in order to operate the internet on a semi-regular basis. But, thanks to some new Snapchat filters, they may be getting a better idea.

So, as you may have heard, Snapchat has a new filter which allows you to add either traditionally female or traditionally male features to your face. Allow America’s sweetheart (or at least its favorite wild niece?) Miley Cyrus to demonstrate:

Needless to say, this filter is …. a lot. And people are truly doing THE MOST.

And when I say “the most,” I mean: men are now catfishing other oblivious men by pretending to be female-presenting on Tinder.

And, as one might expect, these men are getting more than they bargained for — namely, a firsthand lesson in what it’s like to be a woman simply trying to exist online.

Many of these men were inundated with the gross, thirsty messages that women on dating apps have to combat on the regular.

Maybe (hopefully) this scarring experience will make these men think twice about how they behave on dating apps in the future. And hopefully, it will give them newfound respect for ladies in general.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that these filter shenanigans are going to stop anytime soon — because you CANNOT put the fabulousness back into the bottle once you’ve let it out.

But I have to give a slow clap to the real stealth champion in all this: Snapchat.

Congrats, my friend. We thought you were dead — but you just pulled an iconic resurrection.


H/T BuzzFeed and Metro UK