We’ve Finally Been Blessed With An Emoji To Respond To D*ck Pics

Every year, iPhone users are blessed with some new Emojis to add to our collection of little symbols that we use to replace actual text messaging and words. With every passing update, we get some incredible new cartoon symbols that will immediately become our favorites. But, this time around, we’ve got one that will change our lives for the better.

Introducing: the brand new emoji that will make its way into being your favorite emoji in the world—the pinching hands.

Coming in every skin color and style, this emoji will immediately be every woman’s favorite response to annoying boyfriends, creeps in her DMs, and unsolicited d*ck pics online. The pinching hands obviously looks like someone comparing the small space between the thumb and the index finger to the awfully small size of someone’s…nether regions.

Women online are utterly excited to put this bad boy to good use.

Can’t wait.