Woman Blindsides Dude Asking For Nudes With Hilarious Photos

Every woman has been through the wringer when it comes to guys asking for nude photos. In today’s day and age—where technology is at our very fingertips and we can take photos in an instant—guys think it is perfectly acceptable to request nude photos for their viewing pleasure, no matter when/where/why or how. Most of the time, we tell guys to f**k off, and never speak to them again.

However, sometimes, women find the utmost pleasure in tricking guys into thinking they will send nudes—but, instead, screw with their minds. Recently, one woman online found the best way to screw with a dude who continuously asked to see “what was under her towel.” Someone give thisgirl a trophy because her response is award-winning.

It all started with that one question of “what are you wearing?”

But, clearly, Michael did not know who he was messing with.

And, again, another glowing question of “what’s under the towel?” Well, surprise! It’s another towel! 

Michael may think he’ll get what he wants, but he had no idea that this woman had her towels lined up and ready to go. She puts on “exactly 18 towels after she showers.”

But, Michael wouldn’t stop there.


And, if you thought she was done—this woman had her next move all planned out: a robe.

But, can you guess what’s under the robe?

Another towel!

Obviously, this woman has a hilarious sense of humor and apparently a lot of towels stacked up at home. Seriously, who has 19 towels just sitting around? Hopefully, she doesn’t have to wash all of them now—eek.

Either way, people loved the woman’s tactics and how hilarious it was.

Way to go, towel girl.

h/t: RearFront.