The Dating Struggles Of Women Who Overthink Everything

Being a woman who overthinks absolutely everything is no cake walk. You analyze every tiny detail from the time you wake up in the morning until you get back into bed at night and try (in vain) to shut your brain down so you can get some sleep. While there are definite pros to being so introspective, it’s also a serious pain in the ass and can do more harm than good, especially when it comes to dating. Here’s what it’s like for those of us who just can’t help but overanalyze every single thing about the guys we’re seeing.

1. His text messages are heavily dissected.

Whenever we get a text from a guy, we’re always trying to read between the lines for an underlying message. It’s a constant question of, “What does this mean?” and yes, we even try to understand why you used that emoji at the end of the message. Sometimes we even screenshot messages to ask our girlfriends to weigh in because we can’t help but welcome some outside interpretation.

2. Not getting a response drives us nuts.

If we don’t receive a response for long periods of time, we immediately start to doubt his feelings, intentions, and behavior. “Maybe he doesn’t like me. Maybe his phone died. Maybe he got into an accident. What if he read it and didn’t respond on purpose? Why would he do that?” Just try to keep us in the loop — even the most minor details help.

3. We like a guy who’ll take charge.

Nothing is more frustrating to us than having to be the decision-makers in our dating lives because we’re already exhausted from overanalyzing everything else in between. It’d be great if you could plan the dates and not make us pick the restaurant. It’ll save us an hour of Google, Yelp searching and reading through reviews and menus before we’ve even stepped out of our front door.

4. We hate dating games.

It’s especially bothersome when we encounter the “wait three days to call” guy or the “act cool and don’t talk about how we feel” guy. We would rather you call us the next day if you had a great time or just tell us straight up if you’re not feeling it.

5. We like to be highly organized because it keeps us sane.

We like to have our lives mapped out as much as we can. Not because we’re control freaks, but because it prevents us from spinning into an unnecessary thought cycle. We’ve probably got a 5- and 10-year plan because quite frankly, we’ve thought about it tons. We’re list makers, calendar keepers and like to keep our lives figuratively and literally as tidy as we can.