20 Pet Peeves Of The Perpetually Single Girl

Being single for a long time yields a number of struggles that those who are lucky enough to be taken don’t know about (or at least can’t relate to at the moment). It sucks, and life can be even more obnoxious than usual if you’ve been rolling solo for a while. If you’ve been single long-term, you can probably relate to these pet peeves:

1. Dealing with losers who keep asking why you’re single.

“Oh, I don’t know, because I could be Queen Victoria and still not get a man? Are you trying to make me feel crappy?” Seriously, why do people ask this? There’s no possible way for this to turn out well for anyone involved in the conversation.

2. The dire lack of good men.

Commitment-ready men with good careers, a deep interest in their partners, and good sex drives just don’t exist in great numbers. The current dating pool is closer to a cesspool than society would like to admit.

3. The stupidity of so many single people.

It often feels like any other single person you meet is a trainwreck, a moron, or a jackass. At times, the crappiness of the dating scene may even make you feel as if you’re stuck on some botched version of the Island of Broken Toys.

4.The awful, awful dates.

Being single for a long time means that you’ve also probably weathered some pretty horrible first dates. Even if a few have gone OK, somewhere along the line, you’ve probably regretted spending that much time with a loser or two.

5. People who play cupid.

For some reason, people who try to play matchmaker seem to have a natural knack for choosing the worst possible pairings. Next time, you’ll just pair yourself off with a cactus. The plant has as much personality and as much huggability as the last guy they set you up with, anyway.

6. Wondering if you should lower your standards.

Hint: You shouldn’t.

7. The pain and jealousy of being the only single person in your friend group.

The words “bring a date” make you want to cry. If it’s really bad, you might not even be able to go to weddings, simply because you’re so worried that you’d cause a scene out of unbelievable jealousy. It happens more often than you think.

8. Having people tell you that your standards are too high.

This is extremely rude. Why do people do this? Do they honestly think this will make you happy, or that it’s a good idea?

9. Having potential dates refuse to compromise on anything.

These same dates also wonder why they’re single, and why you’d rather be alone than with them. Well, they’re the answer to their own question.

10. Guys who think you’re easy because you’re single.

Well, it’s not like they’re getting laid with that attitude. Even so, it’s annoying as hell.