20 Pet Peeves Of The Perpetually Single Girl

11. People asking when you’re going to get a boyfriend.

Oh, I dont know. Let me pencil that in Please, do tell me where Im supposed to pick one of these up. Are they available for a discount at Walmart? If I cant find one worth a damn there, can we import one?

12. Feeling desperation sink in.

It happens to us all. Can I get an amen?

13. Being the third wheel.

It happens, even when its not supposed to happen. Its awkward, but what can ya do? You dont have someone with you, but you cant just hide away in your apartment until a boyfriend materializes.

14. Being unable to talk about your boyfriend while all your friends talk about theirs.

My boyfriend does this totally adorbs thing where he doesnt exist He does it all the time. Haha!

15. Having to skip through articles geared at people in relationships.

You cant help that the advice in those columns dont apply to your current situation. Do there have to be so many of them, though?!

16. Getting crappy advice from friends.

Just because someone is in a relationship doesnt mean that theyre actually offering good advice. In fact, most of the time, the advice that youre given by a taken person is trite garbage that doesnt actually mean anything.

17. Being asked why you want a relationship.

Not one person actually seems to understand what youre going through as a perennially single person until it happens to them directly. Theres nothing wrong with wanting a relationship, and yet if you tell this to people, they look at you as if youre the most desperate human being on the planet.

18. Being asked why you don’t want a relationship.

This is the flip side question to the classic, Why do you want a relationship so badly anyway? For some reason, people just cant accept you being single one way or the other, even if youre loving it.

19. Having guy friends tell you what a “great girl” you are.

Really? Then why wouldnt you date me, a-hole? They dont mean to make it sound hurtful, but when guys say that they want a girl just like you, its very hard to restrain yourself from cursing them out at times.

20. Having to fend off weirdos.

Its a lot harder when you dont have a guy who can beat the snot out of them. Some even ask for proof when you say you have a boyfriend. Argh!

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