The Dating Struggles Of Women Who Overthink Everything

6.We actually enjoy spontaneity.

Even though were highly organized, we actually do love spur of the moment things. Sometimes we just like to get out of our own heads a little. Sometimes we just have too many thoughts and ideas, so its nice when someone else plans for us.

7. We apologize with true sincerity.

If we ever apologize to you for anything, understand its a very calculated apology and we wholeheartedly mean it if we didnt mean it, we wouldnt say it. Theres no need to keep pointing out where we went wrong, weve already overanalyzed that part a hundred times and dont need to keep being reminded of it.

8. The more details we have, the more content we will be.

Overthinkers love the details. Were a little bit obsessed with them. From knowing clearly what you mean when you say something to how you act when youre around us, we like to be in the complete know. It might seem like were a bit complicated, and thats probably true, but we really do appreciate the simplicity of straightforwardness, and more importantly, someone who can handle a chronic overthinker.

Via Bolde.