25 Posts About Awkward Flirting That Will Speak To Your Soul

With flirting, the key is to be as smooth as possible, I get that. Now, what do you do when you’re about as smooth driving down a road full of potholes sitting on sandpaper? Thanks to the internet, I realize I am not alone in my undying struggle with my awkwardness. This is never more obvious than when I’m trying to get my flirt on. Like, let me just walk up to this random attractive person and start a conversation. Yeah, how about never. Ever seen a terrible car accident? Multiply that by a few hundred. Toby Flenderson is basically Prince Charming compared to my flirt game, it’s bad. This list is going out to anyone who has a sense of humor about our horrible awkwardness. This gave me a sense of hope. Hopefully, we all find someone just as awkward as we are. The good news is there is obviously a ton of us out there!

1. Pick a grosser food, I dare you!

2. When in doubt have to go with the memes.

3. Yeah, we’re gonna make sex all night.