35 Awkward Typos Guaranteed To Make You Laff

Typos are something that happens all the time, in text messages, essays, whatever! Rarely, we get to see typos that are so bad, they kind of make sense (but in the wrong way). Granted a lot of these typos are awkward and inappropriate but isn’t that what makes it funny? In a world full of editors, it’s tough to even fathom someone could miss some of these pretty obvious mistakes. There is no doubt some people on this list probably lost their jobs due to their mistakes. At least they left the internet with a few hysterical visuals to remember them by. Interested in some “Homemade Crap Dip”? No? Me neither. Here are the funniest most awkward typos on the internet.

1. The polar bear’s name was Knut, guys. R.I.P.

2. I have to check this church out.

3. Mitt Romney’s app…

4. Wow, congrats Tyler.

5. His name is Doug, Doug Fister.