14 Photos That Will Make You Want To Put Down Your Phone Forever

It’s no surprise cell phones and social media have taken over the entire world. They’ve changed the way we interact with each other so much it’s unrecognizable for older generations. I’m just out of college and I even notice driving around town that there are almost no kids outside anymore. The streets were littered with little rascals man hunting and playing tag not so long ago. It’s almost scary to think how we’re going to communicate in years to come. We already have that human uber thing coming out so whose to say? These 14 pictures will make you realize you should put the phone down every now and then and just enjoy the little things in life like family and friends. I have a phone surgically attached to my hand most times but it is nice to put it down and just enjoy the world around you, give it a try!

1. Back in my day, we played outside a little differently.

2. ‘OMG Kylie named her daughter Stormi?’

3. These swings aren’t going to push themselves, mom!