‘Human Uber’ Is The New Way To Go Out Without Ever Having To Leave The House

Just when I thought technology couldn’t make my life any better, our lives are graced with ‘human uber.’ We have food service that ensures we don’t have to leave the house and when we do we can order a car straight to the door. With the help of technology, we basically could stay in our house forever but what about going to class or work. Have no fear, ‘human uber’ is here, and I am all for it!

The idea is essentially you hire someone to strap an iPad to their face while you facetime on the other end. This person essentially becomes a surrogate body for your lazy ass, and my prayers have been answered! Now, of course, this can’t be used for all occasions, but one day I hope we can get there. There are a few places where this new technology can be utilized that just make perfect sense

Imagine being in college and being able to pay someone to sit through a lecture for you? There are enough people at college that would do almost anything for money. Sitting in a class where they can just sit there and doze off and get paid is a no-brainer. This ‘human uber’ thing is going to be all over college campuses of the future, book it. I wouldn’t be shocked if in ten years we’re all reading about the first ‘human uber’ millionaire.It really is a game-changing idea, sure laugh at it now. Genius can sometimes be cloaked in madness, and this is pretty obviously a stroke of genius. This technology might not be one we wanted but now that it’s out there I know we need it.