Uber’s Giving Away Free Ice Cream Every Friday For The Rest Of The Summer

There’s nothing better than a cold ice cream cold on a hot summer day – but, maybe, the only thing that tops it is a free cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day. I scream, you scream we all scream for free ice cream – amiright?

Now, thanks to Uber, you can get your ice cream on fo’ free – and, get a ride home after you’ve gotten smashed beyond belief at happy hour – because, this is what Donald Trump meant when he said “lets Make America Great Again.”

#UberIceCream is arriving today in select cities. ? Get the scoop with the link in our bio.

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Here’s how it works, according to Uber, if you live in these 10 cities –

Los Angeles

Washington D.C.


New York



San Francisco




On August 11th, 2017, they’ll give you a free, reusable “Uber” ice cream cone. Then, every single Friday until September 22nd, you can head over to any McDonald’s location and get free soft serve in your bad-ass reusable cone.

Sounds dope, right? Because – it really is.