This Pizzeria Is Selling ‘Vodka Infused Pizza’ And It’s A Game Changer

When you think about your Friday night plans, they usually involve vodka sodas and a trip to your local pizzeria before the night ends. Everyone loves to get a bit twisted after a long week of work, and everyone loves to veg out with some delicious, hot, and steamy pizza. Why not combine the two and make it the best of both worlds? Good news is–one pizzeria in Philadelphia is combining the deliciousness of pizza and the fun of vodka all in one with their new vodka infused pizza pie.

While many places have tried to “infuse” food with vodka in the past, this pizzeria takes boozy food to a new level–so much so, that you need a 21+ ID to order a slice. According to “The Philly Voice,” almost all of the ingredients are “vodka infused. They start out with vodka infused pizza dough, add some vodka infused ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and then some vodka sauce to top it all off.

On the bright side, if you’re in the Phili area and decide to stop into Scarpetta for a pie, it’s only $10. And, if you go during happy hour, it’s only $6. Can it get any better than this? Don’t think so.