15 People Share The Weirdest, Yet Most Delicious, Food Combos You Need To Try

Inevitably, we are gonna have those long and tiresome days where all we’re gonna want to do is stay home alone, take a long bath, slip on some comfy PJ’s and Netflix all night with some comfort food because we’re human and we have a right to be lazy every once in a while and when I mean every once in awhile it could just be every weekend because we deserve it after working our a** off during the week for that paycheck. Sometimes, take out or even ordering in just doesn’t cut it and you want to make yourself some real good comfort grub from the commodity of your own kitchen and that’s totally fine but sometimes you have so many options on what it is you want to stuff your face with that you simply don’t know where to start. Well, I give you just about 15 good old food combos that will have you thanking the food gods all night.

1. ktm4444:

Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich

2. Junk_Druggler:

Soy sauce and fries, I grabbed the wrong bottle in a Chinese all you can eat once and never looked back!

3. vancouvercanucker:

Butter, jam and cheese on toast.