Millennials Reveal What It’s Truly Like Living Paycheck To Paycheck

The biggest struggle for most Millennials is when they’re first starting out and obtain that entry-level job out of college. Most people joke about it but there are harsh realities of moving out and starting a life. We all end up living paycheck to paycheck. It sounds like a running joke, but in reality, it’s not so funny for most of us. Yeah, ramen is inexpensive and can actually be good with your own added twist but after a week of eating it; I promise you will be sick of it. The terrifying moment when you realize you can’t afford your rent is not pleasant to experience once a month and having to make up excuses as to why you can’t meet your friends for dinner again tonight gets really old. Real people share what it’s like to actually live like this and how to make the most of it.

Jenna, 23

“It’s a lot of only buying on drink at the bar not because you don’t want to drink any longer but it’s all that you can afford.”

Sam, 24

“It really is exactly what it seems, working all day every day just to pay the bills, and barely manage to eat.”

Cara, 22

“Living paycheck to paycheck has caused me to resort to a “side hustle” as us millennials call it. That helps, but only so much.”

Jennifer, 23

“Living paycheck to paycheck is “I can’t come out tonight, having dinner with my parents again;” because I don’t have any other option if I want to eat good once this week.”

Sara, 24

“Living paycheck to paycheck brings upon terrifying moments of “Oh sh*t, rent is due in two days.”