Millennials Reveal What It’s Truly Like Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Cate, 24

“I ate ramen for dinner every night for the first six months at my job. I was lucky to get a pay increase so early on and when I did you bet I bought myself a fancy steak dinner.”

Katie, 25

“I wouldn’t put the AC on in the summer or heat on in the winter. Really unfortunate.”

Amanda, 25

“I lost a lot of weight during my time living paycheck to paycheck because I could barely afford to eat. Honestly, I can’t complain about it though.”

Amy, 24

“One word to describe living paycheck to paycheck. #sad.”

Melissa, 25

“Living paycheck to paycheck sucks but it is learning experience because eventually, you will realize there are better jobs out there that will pay better. Never settle.”