Millennials Reveal What It’s Truly Like Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Jennifer, 24

“I’ve been using the same mascara since my junior year of college, I graduated two years ago. That is living paycheck to paycheck.”

Maura, 22

“The sad moment when you have to call your parents for help because you can’t afford to put gas is the definition of paycheck to paycheck life.”

Michelle, 23

“I quit my job because I didn’t want to struggle anymore. I ended up moving back in with my parents and working for the family business. It was actually the best decision I had made.”

Nicole, 24

“You’re living paycheck to paycheck when you are still answering work emails at 11 PM but can’t afford a coffee the next morning. It is painful.”

Mary, 25

“I lived paycheck to paycheck for a while after college. The lights and TV never went on in my apartment for a good year.”