Millennials Reveal What It’s Truly Like Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Franny, 25

“I remember that one month I actually didn’t have enough for rent and had to call my landlord hysterically crying, pleading my case on why I needed another week. Thankfully he was very understanding.”

May, 22

“Living paycheck to paycheck is literally working a full week, paying all your bills and then having five dollars left to your name to show for it.”

Jenny, 24

“A struggle. That’s the best way to describe living paycheck to paycheck.”

Gab, 24

“When you’ve had a “instant meal” six out of seven nights this week you know you are living paycheck to paycheck.”

Jackie, 24

“Not being able to afford to participate in group work functions, like holiday parties, secret Santa’s etc., is when you know you are being paid too little.”