People Share The Grossest Thing They’ve Ever Found In Their Food And We’re Gagging

Do you know when you get that craving for greasy chicken nuggets? So you drive to the nearest fast food place, order your nuggets, open the bag, take a bite and next thing you know you’re looking at something that definitely is not chicken. Bye, bye appetite, and bye, bye nuggets. Or, maybe, you’re out to eat at a restaurant and your mouth is watering over the thought of receiving your dinner, but, when we take the first bite, you pull out a piece of hair from your pasta. No. Thank. You. Quora users share the grossest things they are found in their fast food and I guarantee you will never want to eat again after reading this. We are actually gagging.

Teeth are meant to be used for eating not eaten themselves.

“I was teaching a programming course that started at 1 PM. One of the students brought in a hamburger and fries. He proceeded to eat his burger. Then he suddenly stopped and spit out a human tooth. I didn’t know if was his or foreign material in the hamburger. I had him open his mouth so I could see if he had all of his teeth. He did, so, the tooth was not his. It was a premolar severed at the gum line.” –

When the chef brings a little dirt indoors.

“Oh wow this takes me way back to teenage years. I was eating my favorite burrito from “Taco John’s” (a little chain up in Wyoming & surrounding neck of the woods). And there in the folds of my delicious burrito was a clod of dirt. Yes, dirt. I can understand how things like bugs, hair, etc. happen that others have written about. Stuff happens especially in a fast food joint. But DIRT? How does this happen? Not in the filling, mind you, but like wedged into one of the folds of the flour tortilla. I was eating it in my car and was probably just too stupid to go in and complain. I think I’d reasoned to myself if I went back inside, they would just claim I put it there while I was outside & then walked back in. Or something. It was not a fun experience anyway.”

The rat’s out of the bag.

“I was working overnight at a bank on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan and my colleague and I wanted to get some breakfast at about 4AM. We walked over to a small diner on one of the side streets and my buddy ordered some pancakes and sausage to go. The cook behind the counter pulled out this huge bag of pancake mix from next to the grill and opened it. Immediately a rat jumped out of the bag covered in pancake mix and scurried under the fridge. The cook didn’t skip a beat, dug his scoop into the bag and proceeded to make the pancakes. My buddy and I looked at each other completely dumbstruck. We waited to see what would happen. The cook packed the finished pancakes and sausage to go and gave it to us as if nothing happened. We looked at him and said, “You’ve got to be kidding!” and we started to leave. The cook followed behind us demanding to be paid. He was boiling mad. I guess he didn’t see that we saw what happened.”