Women Reveal The Nastiest Thing They’ve Ever Seen A Guy Do And I’m Gagging

Sometimes, we see things guys do things and think “wait, did they actually just do that or am I dreaming?” While not all men are gross, some men are straight up nasty. And, women everywhere are recounting the awful, no good, very disgusting things they have seen them do—from strangers to exes to husbands and boyfriends. Here…we…go…*gags*




My boyfriend works at a manufacturing company where he gets really dirty. Like he comes home with parts of his face and hands black. And he won’t shower before crawling in to bed some nights. Plus it gets really hot in the factory, so he will come home pretty sweaty. How does someone sleep like that??!!! —ashley16


My boyfriend used to poop in people’s bins when he was really drunk. Imagine going to take the bins in on a Tuesday morning and seeing a giant shit in there. —maryj42b55b693


My ex would leave his pocket pussy wrapped in a towel laying around the house…—GemmyBear89


My boyfriend doesn’t like tissues because they aren’t so hygienic, so he blows snot chunks into the sink instead. Sometimes he doesn’t completely clean up after and dried bogies wave at me while I brush my teeth. —anonymeows


My husband used to poop in the shower. Like squat over the drain and spread his cheeks and shit. It would piss me off so bad because it’s so disgusting. Thankfully, he’s stopped. He also pees outside (we have a privacy fence so people can’t see in). He says if the dogs can or in the yard, then he can… —AnonymouslyBuzzfeed


One of my ex boyfriends favorite meal was a concoction of spaghetti-o’s, canned tuna meat, and milk. He even ate it for breakfast —amberlilyb


I work in a hospital. Saw a male doctor blow a snot rocket on the floor in the hospital hallway. —laurenz4f9b47be5


I once was seeing a guy who was just kind of gross all around, had really bad skin and teeth but was soooo nice. One time I saw him pick his nose, roll it around between his fingers then eat it. I want to die thinking of it now after all those years. He was like 27 btw. —Cutebutt


When I used to work at chipotle I was the cashier and as I was ringing this guy out I asked if he was paying with cash or card and he handed me his card—not before scratching his balls. —ausar


Used to work with a guy that would go around and pick out old cigarette butts from public ashtrays and smoke what was left of them cause he couldn’t afford to buy a pack. —kristaw4b6ce9bcb


Took a 7 day trip to Hawaii and we both bought new toothbrushes to take with us. When we got home and I started to unpack I realized his toothbrush was still unopened in the package. Dude didn’t brush his teeth for 7 fucking days and who knows how long before that! That relationship did not last. —kristaw4b6ce9bcb


In middle school they my teacher brought her dog to school and gave him an empty fried chicken bucket to chew on and then a guy walked over, grabbed the shredded bucket and started eating it. I always said that I felt bad for anyone who would kiss him one day and then he started dating my best friend in high school. —hollyf422126028


We were at an awards ceremony for high school band and me and this guy were tasked with receiving any awards our school got. It was at Disney world and inside the theater someone left their half eaten bag of cheddar popcorn on the floor, so for some reason this guy decided to finish it??? Someone else’s day old cheddar popcorn??? And then he starts licking his cheddary fingers right as we’re about to handle and carry trophies for our school. I couldn’t and I still cannot believe it. —cccm130


I was deep cleaning the other day when I found a large pile of nail clippings next to our couch (there’s a space between it and the wall). Seems he’s been collecting these disgustingly long toe nails, and he was mad I asked him to clean this up! —jessicap4b804b34e


I dated a guy who wore the tightest pants ever and never ever wore underwear. Needless to say the relationship did not last. —fsanchez320


I had a roommate who was also a blood relative ( unfortunately) that NEVER cleaned HIS bathroom. The end result was EVERY INCH of surface, floor, rug, counter, sink, tub ledge, everywhere had HAIR from one body part or another. —kend4fe281761


My ex boyfriend didn’t wear or even own deodorant he would just spray axe and that was it thank god the relationship ended. —cgg3725


I had just started dating a guy. We were at his house and he was having a piece of pie. I declined a slice because I don’t like cherries. He proceeded to dollop cool whip on top of the pie slice. The sides of the container were clearly green with mold. He then wiped his finger around the inside of the container and lick the moldy whipped cream off his finger. I broke up with him the next day. —MistressMissy


Stories of my ex: told me he used a ballpoint pen to experiment with penetrating his asshole. He rinsed it off and continued to use it. Also created a makeshift fleshlight, I can’t quite remember the details of how he did it but I’m pretty sure there was a hole in his bed, he filled a glove with Vaseline and stuck it in the hole and had sex with it. —lauracorinas


One of my male cousins had a severe cold. While we were outside playing he emptied his nose and sinuses into his shirt – then proceeded to lick his shirt clean. Even my kids don’t believe me when I tell them this story, but you just can’t make up this stuff. Gag. —betsyw4152655ce