Guy Discovers His Girlfriend Has Been Stashing Dirty, Used Tampons Under Their Bed

Love conquers all—or, that’s what they say. I’m pretty sure that love does not conquer your girlfriend stashing her used and dirty tampons underneath your bed—blood-covered and all, right? At least, I’d hope it doesn’t.

Recently, a Reddit user shared the horrifying and disgusting discovery he made about his girlfriend after living together for six months.

The anonymous Reddit user said that he and his girlfriend have been together a little under 2 years, but their relationship has been going great. They moved in together 6 months ago and things have been on the up and up—they’ve even discussed taking the next step to getting engaged. However, one night when goingto store some winter clothing under the bed, the guy discovered that his girlfriend has been wadding up her useddirty tampons in tissue and tossing them under the bed.

The full Reddit post reads:


People online were seriously disturbed and grossed out…obviously.

But, some people suggested that possibly, if they have a dog, it could be that the dog got into the garbage and made the mess.

Here’s to hoping it is the dog and not his weird, dirty girlfriend.