Woman Begs Internet For Advice After Receiving Horrendous Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a monumental moment in every woman’s life—they look forward to it for years. While many woman dream of their “ideal ring,” there are those who will be happy with anything their partner chooses—with some exceptions.

One soon-to-be-bride shared her story on Reddit, saying that she was “so excited to get engaged to her boyfriend of 5 years.” However, the ring was so bad that she had no idea what to do. She said that she and her boyfriend had “discussed” some things she “didn’t want,” but she had never expected to receive this.

She asked the Internet for some help in how to approach the conversation about getting a new ring because let’s face it—she can’t rock this every day.

She then shared a photo of the ring…wow, just WOW.


I can’t even believe this is real. And, neither can Twitter.

If I were her, I’d throw my whole fiancé away, too.