Bride-To-Be Forces Fiancé To Melt Down Paw-Shaped Engagement Ring

It seems like every day another bride is using social media to completely drag her brand new fiancé. Like, the bride who demanded her friend pay for “another wedding,” after her pregnancy “upstaged her big day.” Or, the bride who used her wedding vows to get revenge on her cheating groom. And who could forget the bride who got dragged to the depths of hell by her event planners for being an ungrateful jerk?

Bridezillas. They’re everywhere.

One woman is going viral online now for forcing her fiancé to “melt down” the engagement ring he bought her. Her fiancé thought it would be cute to propose with a paw-shaped engagement ring, as the two have a dog together. However, this soon-to-be bride was not having it.


The bride wrote on Facebook:

“I love my FH but I forced him to melt this down and turn it into a not-a-dog-paw. Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a dog paw on their hand?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog – our fur baby makes us act like “those people”, but I draw the line at dog themed jewelry I’m expected to wear every day of my life.”


Some people on Facebook agreed with the woman, explaining that they, too, wouldn’t be happy with receiving this as a ring they have to wear every single day.

One person wrote:

‘I am one of those legitimate psychos that spends all their free time at dog shows and if my husband gaveme this I would divorce him.’

Another added:

Like you said, this is a ring you have to wear every day for the rest of your life. It needs to be something you like.

And, someone added:

“He tried…he failed horribly…be he did try to be sentimental lmao

But no bullsh*t that ring is hideous and I’d ask for a different setting too”

But, some people disagreed and thought that the bride was being insanely ungrateful.

Someone said she deserved to be shamed:

I’m shaming you for shaming him when he tried to make something niche and specific to your relationship.

Another said:

The only person worth shaming is you, for being ungrateful.

And, a jeweler even commented on the post saying that the ring didn’t need to be melted down at all. In fact, all that she needed to do was have the four top stones removed and the middle stone “repositioned.” So, instead of being grateful and thinking things through, the bride cost her fiancé a whole lot of $$$. 

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Posted by Mervis Diamond Importers on Saturday, April 6, 2019

If you were to ask me, the ring is cute and obviously special to them—as they share a dog. If someone proposed to me with this, I’d cry (happy tears). But, then again, I’m single and alone—with just my dog.

h/t: The Sun