6 Reasons You Should Always Live With Your Significant Other Before You Get Married

When I was younger, my grandmother always told me that it was important to get to know someone you want to stay with for the rest of your life. When you fall in love and consider marrying, raising a family, and growing old with another person, it’s vital you know who they are pretty damn well – like the back of your hand, my grandma always said. Overtime in any relationship, you get to know people’s hobbies, quirks, personality, but, when you live with someone, it’s all the time, in your face, no escaping. Sure, being in a long-term relationship allows you to know someone, but there is really nothing like living with someone full-time. You are with them 24/7. When you have a stressful day at work, they will be there when you get home. The way they keep their bedroom is now the way they keep your bedroom. Their eating habits at home, their bathroom habits, their sleeping habits, it will all be eye-opening and something you’ll have to see if you can work with. Some couples move in together, with plans to get married in the future, and completely change their mind. Others make it work. But, regardless of what you decide in the future, moving in with someone before you tie the knot is the best way to go about the timeline of your relationship.

1. You learn more about them, things you may have overlooked or missed.

When you date someone and stay by their apartment casually, it’s not really getting the full-picture of living with them. Sometimes, your partner probably cleans up and straightens everything up before you get there. They probably cook a special dinner for you guys to spend the night together. And, they stay up late or get up early because you’re there. Living with someone can be entirely different. You don’t know what happens when you’re not there all the time. How does your SO food shop? How often do they clean the bathroom? When do they usually go to bed at night normally? Do they do their laundry a lot or keep their sh*t all over the bedroom floor? All of these things will matter when you get married and live together, but by then, you’re stuck with their living habits for life. It’s better to learn and see them beforehand and decide if it’s something you can live with.

2. Their cute quirks may be annoying to you after living together.

Things you thought were adorable and cute before may turn into something super f*cking annoying and obnoxious. When you date someone and see them a few times a week, you don’t become completely overwhelmed with their quirks and habits. But, when you’re with them all the damn time, you may get sick and tired of certain things. It sounds harsh and painful to admit, but it’s the truth. You don’t want to decide your SO’s quirks are too much to handle after they put a ring on it. You’ll end up being filled with resentment.

3. You can finally see if your sex life will be enough to satisfy you.

When you see each other a few times a week and only stay over each other’s places occasionally, you have sex mostly whenever you’re together. But, when you live together, sex may fizzle out since you’re always around each other. You want to be sure seeing each other with facemasks on, after a long day of work, brushing your teeth, etc. won’t spoil the spark in your love life. You still should be sleeping together as much, or if not more often, after moving in together. No one wants to be married and be one of those couples whose sex lives dry up as soon as you’re cohabitating.