10 Signs He Is Definitely Hubby Material

Us women always dream to have the perfect boyfriend, the perfect relationship and eventually one day the perfect wedding, but that can be very hard to find or accomplish if you can’t find the right guy. We all go through many relationships and, many end up failing. Our hearts are broken time and time again, and now have to find a new guy to replace the old one. It’s not that easy. If only there was a way to find that perfect guy instantly like they do in the movies, but sadly that’s impossible. We might think the guy we are with has all the qualities we have been searching for, only to find out he doesn’t and then, we’re on the hunt again. So how do you know if the guy you are with now is the right one?

1. He is always there for you, unconditionally.

Life is never perfect and things happen from time to time. We can’t predict what is going to happen every day or what curve balls we may be thrown. You want a man that will always be there for you no matter what even if the time is inconvenient for him, he will still be there to support you and be there for you.

2. He makes sure to include you when making decisions.

They can’t make all the decisions by themselves and they need your help from time to time. But, not all guys have to ask for your opinion on things. If they want to know your opinion or need help deciding on situations, that’s a huge step. You shouldn’t feel left out of your partner’s life. If he plans on spending his life with you, it’s a big sign.

3. You both have similar interests and beliefs.

Obviously, this one needs to be in here. It’s not to say that everything will match up. You can’t be with someone if you don’t have some similar interests and beliefs in things. I don’t think you want to date or marry someone who doesn’t agree with you or like the things you like too. If you cant agree and be on the same page about some things in life, then bye bye.

4. He sees you in his future.

If someone is hubby material, they see you as part of their future. He doesn’t just talk about the “now,” he talks about you in months, years even. He looks at you as his soulmate, his best friend, and eventually – one day – his future wife. He values everything about you and the person you are and he doesn’t let you forget it.

5. He communicates with you.

Not every relationship will have 100% agreement on things, but he has to be willing to communicate with you and work through your problems. If there is a problem, he needs to be there to discuss it with you and resolve it. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas but, you have to work together in order for the relationship to work in the long run.