8 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Own Relationship

No one ever wants to be in the wrong, especially when it comes to their relationship. However, more often than not, when things go south in a relationship it is because someone sabotaged the relationship. It can be someone outside of the relationship or one of the parties involved in the relationship. More or less, there are reasons things fall apart. Cheating, lying and being violent are all obvious ways that you can sabotage and ruin your relationship that everyone knows about. But, there are other ways that you can be underlyingly sabotaging your relationship and sailing the boat all the way to failure island.

1. You’re comparing your relationship to other relationships that are not your own.

When you compare yourself and your relationship to others you are creating a false sense of what should be. Therefore you are sabotaging what could be a great relationship. When you are so focused on what other people are doing in their relationship you miss all the great things that could be going on in your own if you focused on it more.

2. You focus more on the negative than the positive.

There are going to be fights in your relationship, that’s only normal. Odds are there are a few little things here and there that your significant other will do that drive you absolutely insane. When you spend time making a bigger deal out of the little things you are taking away from all the good that your SO can give you. You have to realize there is good and bad in everybody, but, if you constantly focus on the bad – you’ll never appreciate the good.

3. You make everything about you.

Even though we all want to be the center of attention all the time, a relationship should be a two-way street. When you make everything all about you, it makes your SO feel like they are not important which leads to insecurity issues. Insecurity is the worst thing for a relationship. It is toxic. You can’t always go on about your bad day and your friends, once in a while, you have to listen and not speak.

4. You overdramatize everything.

When you turn everything like your SO not flushing the toilet into a big dramatic issue, you will make them feel worthless. No one wants to feel worthless. When you make a big issue out of little things, eventually your SO will get sick and tired of it. You will find that your SO is literally going to want to run away from the relationship, which leaves you single and alone.