8 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Own Relationship

5. You put other people and things before your relationship constantly.

This is a tricky one. Yes, it is important to put yourself first and make sure your own wants and needs are met in a relationship. It is also important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself in a relationship. You have to make time for yourself, your friends and your family even when you are with somebody else. However, when you are constantly ditching your SO for friends and missing out on important things occurring in their life because you are too worried about your own, it becomes an issue.

6. You expect too much from your partner.

Standards are important and it is essential that in a relationship you hold your SO to a high set of them. No one wants to be dating no scrub, I completely get that. But, it is important to be realistic with these standards. You are not expecting too much when you expect your SO to not speak to the girl you despise while out at a party. It is expecting too much though when you expect your SO to ditch plans they already made so they can spend the night in with you.

7. You’ve stopped appreciating the little things.

The little things in a relationship are so important. When your SO sends you a cute text checking in to see how your day is, appreciate that. Don’t look at it as them being annoying or too attached to you. All of these little things that your SO does would are to express love, and you would be so upset if the small gestures stopped out of nowhere. Learn to realize that not everything has to be a grand gesture, little things speak volumes.

8. You’ve let the spark die out.

Sometimes in relationships, the spark starts to fade out after the Honeymoon Stage. This is the reason a lot of people end up leaving their relationship – they think the love has faded with the spark. It so happens that keeping the spark alive takes work. It takes creativity and spicing things up and trying new things. If you let the spark fade away, you will get bored and feel like the relationship is not satisfying you anymore. Instead of feeling bad about the relationship and yourself, find new ways to make love an adventure again.