MTV Is Airing A New Version Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Set In Florida Called ‘Floribama Shore’

It’s been about 6 years since the epic TV show the “Jersey Shore” aired on MTV and changed the way any of us looked at the New Jersey boardwalk and shore forever. With the guidos and guidettes of New Jersey showing us all a thing or two about the party scene, people were pretty much hooked on the show way back when. Fast forward to 2017, a lot of us question WTF we were thinking (and what they were thinking). While we thought it was hilarious that Snooki and Deena would flash their hoo-has in the club then, now Snooki’s a mom and Deena just got happily married so – clearly, a lot has changed.

Beautiful Wedding with Beautiful People ?????Congrats @deenanicolemtv & @cbuckner_ !!

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But, if you’re still looking to get your fix of crazy, wild people in their early 20’s making some pretty big mistakes and poor decisions, MTV has you covered. The network has officially reported they will be airing a brand new version of the Jersey Shore, but, this time it’ll be set in Florida/Alabama. Confusing, but true.

The show will take place on the “Florida Panhandle,” which is located in both Florida and Alabama, which is why the show will be called “Floribama Shore.” Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, sorry guys. There will be a total of 8 new cast members on the show that has their own slew of problems. According to MTV:

Each is armed with incredible life experiences and standing at a crossroads, whether it’s ending a relationship, tasting independence for the first time, or trying to escape the past. This coming of age story captures the very real thrill and angst of being young and trying to figure out the future with a group of people you’ll come to call family.

The show seems to mimic the same format as the Jersey Shore, putting all of the castmates into one house and letting them just live as their wild and crazy selves. They even have their own version of the “duck phone.”

The next shore thing is here. #FloribamaShore premieres 11/27 @ 10/9c ?☀️

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Here’s the cast that’ll be included in the new show:

Jeremiah Buoni, 22.

Kortni Gilson, 21.