MTV Is Airing A New Version Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Set In Florida Called ‘Floribama Shore’

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Chillin on the Cruise

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I gave you up, I forgave you for it all.

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Your girl said I got more style than you do

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It seems as though MTV is trying to revamp some of their more popular shows from years ago – like Laguna Beach and the new version, Siesta Key. I was an avid fan of Laguna Beach back when it was on, but it was so popular because it was real to its time. Everyone had flip phones and wore polo shirts from Hollister, everyone had bad highlights and worried about prom. It was a simpler time, to be exact. Siesta Key butchered, in my opinion, the simplicity of Laguna Beach because – nothing is really “simple” anymore. While Jersey Shore wasn’t exactly “simple,” I feel like having another show in its place after people have decided 6 years later that it was a bit “wild” will be a toss-up. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if these kids are as crazy as our beloved JS cast.