Here’s Your Very First Look At The Jersey Shore Reunion, Thanks To Burger King

So, everyone has been freaking out because the Jersey Shore cast is getting back together with a reunion. And, after several years broken up and doing their own thing – the internet is very happy that this wild bunch of Italians are back together.

But – in all honesty – it might not be as bad and boujee as it once was. Why? Well, lets see, two of them are married with kids and the others have some side gigs they’ve been working on. You can’t really be getting all “underwear out of your skirt at Aztec” when you have two little ones at home.

And yet, we’re still kind of excited to see this gang back together again, right?

It seems as though to make this reunion possible, these guidos needed some bread (not garlic bread, money bread) and Burger King decided to sponsor it, because here’s your first look at the gang all back together again – eating chicken parm sandwiches at Burger King.

This isn’t the “Sunday family dinner,” I had in mind, but I’ll take it.



But, the question still remains –

Where the f*ck is Ronnie?