Here’s What Ronnie From “Jersey Shore” Is Doing Instead of The Reunion

Recently, the Internet went wild when they heard that MTV’s hit TV show that left us in 2012 was finally coming back for a reunion. The cast of “Jersey Shore” took to Asbury Park a few weeks ago and were spotted with a camera crew, confirming that there would be indeed a short reunion with our favorite cast of guidos and guidettes.

While people anxiously awaited videos and trailers to drop – we were finally blessed with a Burger King sponsored video of the Jersey Shore cast having their “traditional Sunday dinner” at Burger King, over their new chicken parm sandwiches.

But – after watching the video – everyone was wondering where TF was Ronnie?

Don’t worry guys, we found him.

According to TMZ, Ronnie is still in his old, jealous ways when it comes to girlfriends – because, who can forget the Rahn/Sam saga part 4839483047324?

The website reported that on Friday morning, Ronnie was spotted in Las Vegas with his current girlfriend, who looked a lot like Sam did throughout the six seasons of Jersey Shore – angry. Witnesses told TMZ that Ronnie was spotted at The Venetian hotel, covered in blood, with a “plastic bag wrapped around his hand.”

To make matters even worse, his girlfriend was also covered in blood – but, the website also stated that the blood was “not from a fight between the two.” Ronnie was escorted out of the hotel by security for reasons they are unsure of.

This week, Jersey Shore cast-mate Deena also opened up about why Ronnie was uninvolved in the reunion plans – stating that “no one has really spoken to him much.” Heartbreaking. But, she did say that she believes other cast-mate Vinny is still in touch with Ron and that “he would be willing to sign on,” at least, she hopes.

It seems that her wishes may come true – because Ronnie did post this photo to his Instagram page three days ago –


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So – will Ronnie be there for the reunion? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.